Happy National Mutt Day! 5 reasons to adopt a mixed breed dog


Today is National Mutt Day and I am dedicating this post to my sweet boy, Mack. I adopted him from the shelter after he had been found on the side of the road as a puppy with a broken leg. He loved to swim and retrieve like a Labrador, he protected my children like a guard dog, and let them ‘doctor’ him and use him as their pillow - he was their best snuggle buddy.. Mixed breed dogs are fabulous additions to the family and here are 5 reasons to encourage you to adopt one:

1. You have the ability to choose the right dog for your family’s lifestyle.

Active couple and no children? A young high energy dog is right up your alley. Young children and planning for more? A mature, more sedentary dog is a better fit. Maybe you are experiencing a time in your life where adopting and caring for senior dogs is more of a fit for you. Whatever season of life you are in, there is a shelter dog who will fit right in.

2. Saving a life

An obvious upside to adoption. Even if you are browsing no kill shelters - even those fill up, forcing other shelters to euthanize pets to make room to take in more.

3. Adoption fees are much lower than breeder prices. 

Adoption fees cover the cost of spay or neuter and typically most of the animal’s vaccinations and deworming. This is not a replacement for regular veterinary care, but many family veterinarians offer discounts if you have recently adopted a pet!

4. They can be healthier

Mixed breed dogs naturally have a lower chance of developing genetic conditions that plague their purebred counterparts. Diseases like hip dysplasia and other joint disorders, eye and heart conditions, and even some cancers are all more commonly diagnosed in purebred dogs.

5. Have fun guessing and even discovering what breeds make up your unique mutt!

Doggie DNA kits are a lot of fun and can be such a great conversation piece at the park, beach, and veterinary office! I love guessing and having clients tell me what breeds their fur baby is made up of!

National Mutt Day is celebrated 2 days (July 31 and December 2) each year in an effort to raise awareness of the numerous shelter dogs who need homes. However, if adopting a dog is not in the cards for you or your family at the moment, please consider donating your time or money. Many shelters need people to interact with the dogs to keep them socialized and keep their mental health in check while waiting for their forever home. Also, many shelters and rescue groups have wishlists on Amazon where you can purchase enrichment items for the animals! There are several ways to serve the shelters and rescue groups all over the world, and it is extremely rewarding to provide help to animals!

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