I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. My uncle was (and still is) a veterinarian who lived close by which allowed me exposure to the profession at an early age. My cousin and I spent time bandaging our stuffed animals and using empty syringes my uncle would bring home from his clinic to administer ‘shots’. You know, my aunt still has a few of those bandaged babies!

Our family relocated to Pennsylvania which is where I grew up and I spent time in high school working at a clinic in Philadelphia both as a kennel worker and as a veterinary assistant. I wanted to get back down south so when it came time for college I applied below the Mason-Dixon line and was accepted into Clemson University (Go Tigers!). At Clemson I majored in Animal and Veterinary Sciences and was a member of the Women’s Rowing Team. I spent my summers taking extra courses for school, working at the veterinary clinic, and even spent some time interning at the Philadelphia Zoo. I graduated from Clemson and headed straight to veterinary school at Ross University. I completed my clinical studies at Oklahoma State University and have been working in small animal private practice since.

My passion for animals has always been a part of me, and since becoming a mother of 2-legged children, the urge became even stronger to help all of the family members of my 4-legged patients! Even the best veterinarian in the world can’t tell you everything you need to know in a 15 or 30 minute appointment. We try. We try so. hard. But there is a lot we want to tell you and alas, so little time. Enter: My Vet and Me! Here I hope to create a place where you can come for knowledge that complements your veterinary visits with some laughter and tears along the way. Join me!